Independent Monitor

Independent Monitor

The consent decree sets out a detailed plan for reforms that must be implemented by the City of Chicago and CPD. The federal court ultimately determines whether the City and CPD are following the requirements of the consent decree. To assist the federal judge in evaluating the City’s and CPD’s actions and progress in implementing reforms, the consent decree requires the selection and appointment by the court of an independent monitor.

The independent monitor selection process involves seeking applications from policing experts from around the country. The independent monitor Request for Proposals can be found here.

Nine teams of experts, which include current or former law enforcement officers, academics, policy analysts, lawyers and community outreach specialists, submitted applications in response to the Request for Proposals. These applications are below:

To provide feedback on the applicants, click here or on the “Consent Decree and Input” tab above.

The federal judge will have final approval of any team of individuals put in place to independently monitor the implementation of the consent decree.

 Once the federal judge approves the independent monitor, the monitor will evaluate and issue public reports on whether the City and CPD are meeting the requirements of the consent decree. The independent monitor will report to the federal judge.